Friday, March 16, 2012

Few Words of the awesome and the not so much

This week has been a cornucopia of is that for poetry?
Some good....some awesome and some badass roots
Awesome little tool that allows me to watch movies from my Ipad on the TV in HDMI
Wasn't cheap but I haven't been this excited about a gadget since the Ipad (thanks John)
As a thank you from the Husband for Mia I gotta new watch!!! It's goldie and bling bling
Looked everywhere for some leopard Ballerinas and found them cheap and comfy....SCORE!
First Movie watched with new tool and loved it.....deserving of every Oscar nod and win.
Flowers just because....not from the Husband
But I take them where I can get them
And now for the not so awesome
Not only do I have stitches in two places I also have the mother of all colds coming on. I am doing shots of aspirin,tea,vitamin C and cough drops which by the way act as a laxative if you eat to many. Yay fun fact.
But the absolute horrendous thing that you have to see are my roots....or as I like to call them my ode to the polish streetwalker. need to get that hair did.
Tata for now.

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