Thursday, March 29, 2012

Happy Birthday Ryan

Ten Awesome Things!

1.)Mad Men is back

2.)Mia slept through the night

3.)I am going to Austria over Easter

4.)It's warm enough to wear ballerinas instead of boots

5.)Dionne Bromfield's Album "Good for the Soul"

6.)Cranberry Redbull

7.)Having my wedding rings fit again

8.)Sleeping with an open window

9.)No more black roots

10.)Getting a new phone

Trying to keep up....

Do you ever have that feeling that you have all this energy in your head but when it comes to actually doing it, you get overwhelmed and end up taking a nap or watching T.V? No? Well, I have that feeling all the damned time. I have been buying fabric for projects when there's no way in hell I am going to be able to do those projects right now.
Of course, I also didn't know that I was going to have a baby that was going to be fussy 16 hours a day. I thought she would be like the other two and that she would sleep all day, and I would be able to craft and sew and, in between, play with and take care of Mia. I have two kids I have been through the newborn stage with, the sleepless nights, and the rocking to sleep. That was always my favorite part; I was totally going to rock this stage......or so I thought.
Then Mia was born and everything changed. I went from being glad that she is here to being totally stressed out because she wouldn't sleep and because she fussed all day. Sleepless nights and days didn't help much and a few health issues (mine) just topped it all off.
I thought I was doing so well, laying around all day in my jammies with a baby laying on me, not getting depressed and trying to be in a good mood for the rest of the family when "it" happened....I woke up this morning and realized that Mia had slept through the night. I couldn't believe it and neither could the rest of the Family. We had had a night of uninterrupted sleep! Everybody was rested and in a good mood, so I thought "this is going to be a good day of me getting dressed and actually accomplishing something", even though I knew that it was probably a fluke and that tonight she would likely be awake every hour just to finish me off.
But, oh no guess what? Mother Nature is a Biatch. Just when I thought I was doing so good I  got another round of the baby blues. I have been crying all day; I have been crying so much that my family is rolling their eyes and laughing at me. My husband, who is used to me being a total hard ass, is shaking his head at me because I can't stop, and then they proceed to tell me sad stories to make me cry more.
Really? Like I need somebody to make fun of me when I am already feeling like a total dumb ass.
Karma is a real pain in the ass.....ok, I managed to say ass a lot in that paragraph.

This is what I am working with here. I have tried it all and what works today in calming her down might not work tomorrow. Today, it is walking and rocking her with a blanket on her head and patting her butt and then not moving while she sleeps, sprawled over me.
But when I am lucky, I get a big fat reward....

I know some day I will look back and laugh at this and say " That wasn't so bad."
Maybe tomorrow.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Pimp my Chucks

This Weekend Enya and I took a little trip to H&M and bought some plain Jane Chucks to pimp and.anybody that knows us can probably tell where this is going. Glitter Baby!!!!
We love Glitter and anything sparkly....
So after we left H&M we ran over to the craft store and picked out some silver iridescent glitter and some glue to bedazzle the crap out of these shoes. And bedazzle we did.....

Of course as I was putting swirls and stuff on them I messed up, but with glitter it is hard to really ruin it. I just told Enya I meant to do that and she believed kid.
All you need is glitter,glue, and a pair of boring shoes.
She loves them and all the other little girls are mission accomplished.

Experiment Day

So this Weekend Enya got to participate in a workshop that is supposed to bring science closer to kids that like to experiment and she had a blast. They got to make flubber and jelly hands and all kinds of weird, gross stuff that I would never even think of.
The workshop is free but there are limited spots because it is taught by students that volunteer.
Looking at Enya in a lab coat makes me happy maybe I will have a child that wants to be a Dr. as I already have the one child that wants to be a massage therapist to the stars and wants a Deluxe Apartment in the sky.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Few Words of the awesome and the not so much

This week has been a cornucopia of is that for poetry?
Some good....some awesome and some badass roots
Awesome little tool that allows me to watch movies from my Ipad on the TV in HDMI
Wasn't cheap but I haven't been this excited about a gadget since the Ipad (thanks John)
As a thank you from the Husband for Mia I gotta new watch!!! It's goldie and bling bling
Looked everywhere for some leopard Ballerinas and found them cheap and comfy....SCORE!
First Movie watched with new tool and loved it.....deserving of every Oscar nod and win.
Flowers just because....not from the Husband
But I take them where I can get them
And now for the not so awesome
Not only do I have stitches in two places I also have the mother of all colds coming on. I am doing shots of aspirin,tea,vitamin C and cough drops which by the way act as a laxative if you eat to many. Yay fun fact.
But the absolute horrendous thing that you have to see are my roots....or as I like to call them my ode to the polish streetwalker. need to get that hair did.
Tata for now.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Baby Heart Tee

What big Sister has little Sister needs so on our shopping excursion the other day we picked up a shirt for Mia.
Once it is washed it will show the fabric underneath the heart better but I still love how it turned out.
Of course Enya loves it even if Mia diesn't know the difference as long as she can spit up on it.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Ragged Heart Tee

I wonder how many people get on Pinterest and pin and like a bunch of ideas but never really do any of them. 
Well not me I try out as many as I can so when I found this shirt I knew I had to make it.
This is the second project that I have from Wobisobi
Get a shirt
Draw a heart on it with chalk
Draw lines every couple of cm 
Take a different shirt and pin it underneath where your heart is.

Sew around the heart and the lines that you drew 
Cut the fabric between the lines so that the fabric shows underneath. That's it.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

No glitter in the House

So, one thing I did learn since Mia Mouse has gotten here is that I shouldn't think I am going to get stuff done or try to make plans to take on a challenge like 40 bags in 40 days. After 2 weeks, I have managed to clean out 3 drawers.....that's it. I had all these plans of what I would do when the baby is sleeping, like sewing and crafting and the challenge with the 40 bags.

 But instead this is what my life is now......
There is no sewing or crafting going on up in here, let me tell you! That also means that no cleaning is getting done either, but I don't mind that too much......I haven't put glitter on anything in weeks.
But I am getting something in return that makes up for the sleepless nights.