Sunday, February 12, 2012

Taking a walk on the Wild Side

Not much to say, seeing as I have been in the house for the past week except for one quick trip to the grocery store.
Today, we decided it was time to go outside with Mia even if only for a short walk.
At first I got mad at Christopher for not smiling at all in any of the pictures, but then as I was editing them I realized he wasn't smiling because he is totally exhausted. As much as we love our little moth, she is kicking our ass with her non-sleeping habit. The joys of having a newborn....I forgot what sleep deprivation will do to your mood.  At least the kids had fun throwing sticks on the frozen pond and telling each other stupid jokes.  I guess they needed to get out too. 

I hope to get back to making something creative this week, but no promises right now; I would rather sleep.

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Anonymous said...

Ohhh, wie schöööön! Und ich hoffe, dass Mia bald das schlafen lieben lernt und euch ein bisschen Ruhe gönnt! LG Dani

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