Thursday, February 9, 2012

Like a moth to the flame

Mia has landed.... thank goodness!
On Wednesday, I had a Dr's. appointment that had me waddling there and ready to fight for an induction. After one look the Dr. told me that it was best if I went to the Hospital that day and be induced. The baby was fine, but I was a wreck. I am surprised I didn't kiss him and promise to name Mia after him at that point; I was so grateful.
I called Christopher at work and told him to come get me, that it was time to go to the hospital. He stuttered for a couple of minutes but managed to get situated pretty quick and come get me.
We drove to the hospital in silence because even though I had been wishing for this day to finally come, I also knew that it was going to hurt like an S.O.B and that was not something that I was looking forward to.
After we arrived, I was led straight to Labor & Delivery and hooked up to the monitor to check on Mia.
In the room there was a long pole that went from the ceiling to the floor that I guess is used if you have your baby standing up. Christopher got bored and decided to dance for me, which lightened the mood considerably and made me snort laugh.  Nothing like a man willing to make an asshat out of himself to make you laugh.

They decided to get me started on a medication that is used to gradually get your labor started. You take it every four hours and they monitor your contractions. At eleven pm, the midwife decided she was going to put me on a drip that would relax me and let me sleep a little, seeing as I was so exhausted. They put me on it and I felt really good, so good that I did fall asleep till about 2:45am, which is when the drip was finished. I woke up with contractions -- nothing too major but I waddled over to labor and delivery and told them that I thought it was starting.
The midwife took a look and said that I was dilated to 1, which means not at all even though I could feel them getting more and more painful by the minute.  I was lucky enough to get a midwife who was a big fan of alternative medicine and she asked me if I wanted to try something different, meaning wrapping warm rags with lavender oil on my stomach. I said 'go for it' even though I didn't know how that would help. Well, it must have done something because within minutes I was already not able to talk through the contractions. After 45 minutes she checked again and I was dilated to 10. It was time to call Christopher and tell him to get moving. It took him about 15 minutes to get to the hospital at which time I was already feeling the urge to push. Poor Christopher walked in and the first thing I said was, "It's time; where have you been?"
I had it all planned: I was going to put my hair up and have Christopher take  pictures, not of anything gross, but just so we could kind of have some images that we could look at afterwards. That was soooo not going to happen! I was already on the bed, hair all crazy stuck to my face. Of course I forgot the camera in my room, and I wasn't wearing the cute little shirt that I had picked out.
To make this long and endless story a little shorter, let's just say that Mia was born exactly 45 minutes after her dad walked in. She got stuck and was a little stressed but recovered really quick (aside from the bruising on her face which is already pretty much gone.) I had the whole nine yards which if you ever had a baby you know what I mean. (I got my crotch cut)
So even though it was a really quick delivery along with some little bumps along the way and without complications, I still definitely feel a little traumatized. But Baby Mia was totally worth it. At 8 pounds,
4 ounces, 20 Inches long and a head the size of New Jersey, I am glad to say that she is no longer kicking me from the inside.

I can't get enough of her.  All I want to do is stare at her and love on her just like the rest of the family wants to do.  Everybody is completely in love with her.

She is just a week old and already has her little quirks, like staring at the light and being mesmerized by it, hence the name 'little moth.' She loves to be swaddled and cuddled all the time and she will let you know
if she is lonely, but she is not a crier.
All in all, like every family, we think our new addition is perfect.


Babette said...

<3 Adorable!

Babette said...


Babette said...

Uups, twice, but I could say it a hundred times :-)

Marion said...

Sie ist sooooooooooo süüüüßßßß!!!!!

nicole said...

OMG ... i´m truely in love! Babette you are so right she is adorable :) Cant wait to see her sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon ....

oh and mommy ... you didnt look like you felt .. i think you look beautiful as every mommy look when she´s in love with her baby*princess*pretty*in*pink...LOL

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