Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Guido Cups

Guido anyone?
I think mustaches are funny, and I don't think they make you look sexy but they do make you look like you work in porn.. . . . unless you are Burt, then we know you work in porn.
Just a tidbit: My favorite movie of all times is "Best Little Whorehouse in Texas."
Anywhoo, as I was saying, I think mustaches are funny so when I saw that you could make mugs with a 'stache', I knew I had to make them.
 Boring Blah Mugs....
Exciting Stache mugs.....
I think they should be called Guido mugs because it makes me feel Italian when I use them.
Don't mind the bed head or the weird angle that makes me look fatter then I am.


Anonymous said...

I laughed reading that entire post......you are too funny, miss you!!


Bathina said...
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Bathina said...

So flattering honey! THX for this cute inspiration..

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