Thursday, January 19, 2012

Still Preggo

So, tomorrow I will be 39 weeks and still pregnant unless something happens and Mia suddenly decides her one-bedroom apartment is getting a little crowded.
The Dr. told me yesterday that he is not going to write the weight down anymore but just that she will be a biggin. Really? That makes me feel a whole lot better knowing she will probably have a head the size of Texas.  She hasn't even started to pack her bags yet, so she is feeling really comfortable in there. I have barely felt her all day so maybe that is a sign that she is getting travel ready.
I kept myself busy today washing and curling my hair, putting on makeup and making sure my toes are polished. . . . . don't wanna look like a hag when she comes.
After that hour, I went in search of something to do besides cleaning, and decided to sew a baby blanket for the "Madam."
It is basically two squares of fabric sewn together and then a stitch all the way around it -- real tough. I was going to embellish it but then I thought,"What if she sticks the flower, heart, butterfly, etc. . . in her mouth?"  So I left it as is. The front is minky fabric in powder pink with brown spots and the backside is brown fleece. Toasty warm....
The baby room is coming around, and I did manage to work on it a little bit today, but not enough to post the whole room yet so I will leave you with some pictures.
3D Butterflies that I did not make myself even though I totally could.

Ladybug lamp from Ikea for the little lady.

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