Thursday, January 26, 2012

Sock Bun

Being pregnant really does a number on your body and your moods (but that is a different story). One of the things that it has done to me is really mess with my hair. I have really thick hair anyway and now it is like monster thick, and worse, it is not accepting my hair color at all. I have the blackest roots and I am not coloring it until this baby is out or it will be wasted effort. Being pregnant has turned my normally pretty, blond into a yellow mutt colored brassy, trashy, streetwalker color.  No offense to the Ladies of the night; they do a service for us all.
So I decided to make a sock bun because it is easy and looks nice and clean, and because I just cleaned out my sock drawer and I had lots of loose socks.
So let me show you how to let out your inner black swan.

I used one gym sock and a leg from a pair of pantyhose because I think that the hose makes it slide better (but you need the thickness of the gym sock). Cut off the toes of both socks.
Now, put your socks inside of each other and roll them like a donut. I put the hose on the outside and kept pulling it tight as I rolled.
Pull the ponytail through the donut and start rolling it, tucking the hair under as you go. It doesn't have to be neat.
Tuck and pull all the way down to the base of the ponytail. You can use bobby pins to make it really secure, or you can just use a little hairspray.
Of course, you can make it neater than I did, but this was after pulling it out and putting it back in 5 times.

So, there you go! Release your inner J-lo with this and look neat and tidy even if you have roots like Courtney Love.

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