Monday, January 16, 2012

Mia's DIY Mobile

This pregnancy has been different than the other two. The first one, I thought I had to have everything matching and everything bought before-hand. My theme was Winnie the Pooh (yes, I had a theme). Everything matched from the light sockets to the curtains. The second pregnancy I was a little more relaxed but still really anxious to have everything perfect because I was having my first girl.

This time, 8 years later and 13 years older than I was the very first time, I still catch myself wigging out about stupid stuff.
The room has to be painted. the baby doesn't give a shit
The rest of the bedrooms need new furniture and have to be painted. They did but it was not a priority
I wanted to make some of the baby stuff myself and thought I would have all the time in the world.
But between throwing up exorcist style for almost 5 months and getting my degree, married, and having aches and pains in my ribs, back and swollen hands, I didn't get as much done as I had pictured, imagined, planned, hoped, whatever. . . . you catch my drift. The best part about having this baby come soon is definitely that I won't have to listen to comments about how big I am or if there is more than one baby in there. Seriously people. . . . give it a damned rest! It is not nice to make "big" comments to a pregnant woman who has gained a ton of weight and is afraid that she won't lose other words, shut the **** up already. 
I know that I am big and the only reason I am posting about the baby not being here yet is because I am sick and tired of people calling, texting and getting all up in my business. Warning: if one more person tells me I look big, fat, really pregnant or that I look like I am carrying twins, I will probably make a voodoo doll of your stupid ass and kill it. Having said that, I am still excited and trying to enjoy my last days being pregnant with my "probably last" child. I am looking forward to cuddling something small and precious, knowing that it can't get away and I can kiss it all I want.
So without further ado here is my tutorial for a mobile that I made.

 DIY Mobile

I bought a ring for curtains but you could also use a picture frame.
fishing wire
felt butterflies
crochet stars ( ikea Christmas ornaments)
and pearls for the end.

I started out by putting the ring on a can so I could balance out the strings which was  kind of a pain.
I just strung the white stars first on my fishing line and made a knot, then the butterflies and finally strung pearls at the end and glued them.
You could do all kinds of things: bells, paper hearts, pretty pearls, sea shells or anything else that you like. 

I really, really like it and without wanting to I managed to have a theme anyway. It is butterflies. I will reveal the room when I have everything where it belongs.
If things keep going like they have been, there might be a baby in the bed by the time I show you.

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