Monday, November 21, 2011

It's the most wonderful time of the year!!!

Why is that you ask?
Because it is the only time a year that I can listen to Christmas Muzak without being stared at like I'm weird.
I could listen to X-mas tunes all year round and I have to force myself to wait till after Thanksgiving to do it because like I said there is the weirdness factor.

I have put together a list with my top ten Christmas songs of all times.
These never fail to put me in the mood to spread tinsel on everything that doesn't move and shove cinnamon and cloves up my nostrils.

1.) Have yourself a Merry little Christmas ( Judy Garland)
2.) It's the most wonderful time of the year ( Andy Williams)
3.) Christmas cookies ( George Strait)
4.) The Christmas Song ( Nat King Cole)
5.) Merry Christmas Darling ( The Carpenters)
6.) Mele Kalikamaka ( Bette Midler)
7.) Marshmallow world ( Dean Martin)
8.)  Toyland (Doris-Day)
9.) My Grownup Christmas List ( Kelly Clarkson)
10.) Wonderful Dreams (Melanie Thornton)

Of course there are tons more that I love but these are a few that I really really love.
And now I have listened to it already.......but I have an excuse.

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