Monday, October 17, 2011

Weekend Fails and Fun

When I lived in the States I had a fabulous job at a Flower Shop I made pretty good money and I worked crazy hours during holidays but I loved my job. It of course helped that I had great people that I worked with that I still talk to today. Thank you facebook.
The motto of the designer area was "We are messy but good"! We also had the Motto "if you can't glue it don't do it" but that is a whole other story. Anyway it has stuck with me till today. I am a total slob when it comes to being creative. How do you be neat and creative? Is it possible to make something awesome without being wrapped up in glue strings? Can it me done? Do you not find sequins and glitter in your underwear and bra at night when you take off your clothes? Are you weird?
I have so many things started that I can't finish because of one little thing.
The doily lamp:....Doilies are missing I have them coming from 3 different sources.
My shopper bags for Christmas and Birthday: I have everything ready for just waiting for the interfacing.... should be here any day now.
Halloween cookies....: just waiting for the dough to get cold enough. I tried it yesterday and it was so soft I went ballistic and started stabbing it. Yay for pregnancy hormones!!!
Washcloth everything but it looks like a mutant gotta start over.
2 wreathes.....: that are awesome but don't know what to do with them yet. That's ok I'll just leave them in the middle of the living room.

Finish my mom's coat that needs altered. All it needs is the buttons that I already bought and left lying around.
Lipgloss ingredients.......gotta pick a date to do that.

So I have little nests laying around that are driving my Husband nuts and making me feel guilty. I will make a list of when to start. I am great at making lists and then losing them.
When I die I will probably get lost going to Heaven......
As for the fun.

I had a Twilight Night at my house where we middle- aged hags  watched all three movies drank bloody Marys mine were virgin ate junk food and slobbered all over ourselves. 
And yes I fell asleep and had to get up and use the bathroom 15 times but still finished all three.


nicole said...

hahaha yeah like that lip-gloss-thing .... and was a great nite :)

Babette said...

i loooove making lists and i hate desperately hunting for it or finding it way too late... and i'm so looking forward to the lipgloss-stuff-night.. and i won't fall asleep...probably

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