Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Room of Doom

Do you have a room in your house that is the junk room? The one room or in some really neat people's houses it might just be a drawer but it is the place that all your crap goes to die.
You don't know where to put it and you are too much of a hoarder to throw it away so you put it in the room of doom. Well in my House it was the craft/trash/sewing/basement.
I would clean up the kitchen and like a little rat I would drag my crap downstairs and just put it somewhere because hey as long as I can't see it it must not be a problem.
When we found out we were having another Baby we had to rethink our living situation and decided to put the office in the Basement. WHAT!!!! But then I don't know what to do with my hoarder room.

There was only one thing to do.......clean it.
Yeah so  I am the Empress of Procrastinate Kingdom so that was not the first thing on my list but luckily the nesting instinct kicked in and I got the energy to do it.
It looks so good now and it is ready to get the computers,printers, and all the other officy stuff down there. I will show you pictures of before and after but be strong and for goodness sakes keep your judgy opinions to your dang self or I will go through your drawers and make fun of your hoarderself.


Ok now that you are sick to your stomach....

It is not the coziest room in the house but that's ok with me as long as it is clean and I know where all my stuff is that I didn't throw away. I had to fight for some of that stuff to not get thrown away with the hazmat team. I mean seriously who throws away scraps of fabric? Or real leather gloves bought at the flea market that smells like my grandmother? ( who has been terrorizing heaven since 1987) Nobody that's who.
So now that it is ready to receive the upstairs furniture I will go out and buy a crib. Soon.....I promise.

Oh...and yes that is a New Moon poster hanging on the wall.

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