Wednesday, September 7, 2011


So after being a total wreck for about 2 1/2 weeks and not being able to sleep I finally got my results from the amniocenteses everything is fine and it is a girl. We were really hoping for a boy but I guess we will be ok. :-)
Christopher started laughing and said "Oh No! More Pink"! Yup get ready for pink and lilac and bows and lots and lots of frilly stuff.
She is 18cm long and weighs 150gr so it's no wonder I have felt her for the last 3 weeks she is really busy and getting big.
So now I can sew little girl stuff and start decorating.


nicole said...

yeah ♥ i love pretty in pink ♥ find ich dufte .. super .. awesome .. affengeil

Anonymous said...

OMG..hauptsache gesund aber ein bissl mehr rosa find ich gut ^-^...gut das ich das weiß...denn ich habe da etwas gesehen doch wusste ich ja nicht, ob bub oder mädl ists es jetzt klar...

Babette said...

Ich finds schön... Vorallem dass die Kleine gesund ist!

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