Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Raspberry Vinaigrette

Last year due to lack of funds last Christmas was a DIY Festival. Everybody liked their gifts or they lied to me which is a possibility but I had fun so this year I am doing it again.
I have more time seeing as I am at home now and I have been really thinking about this and scouring the internet for cool things to make myself.  This particular gift I found in a magazine called Laviva.

You start out with a bottle of white wine vinegar

This is the bottle that the vinegar came in but I will buy smaller bottles to put it in and decorate. Of course you have to sterilize the bottle first before pouring the vinegar in.
You need red peppercorn not flakes.

I used frozen raspberries because they are available all year round and I don’t have to wash them just drop them in the bottle.

Of course I didn’t use that many I put about 6-7 in the bottle but you can put in more just make sure you have the room.

Put it in a dark cool place for about a week and turn it over and swirl it carefully everyday.
Pour it through a very fine strainer to catch all the berries and pepper and pour it in your bottles. Put away in a cool dark place till you give them away.
It will have a awesome pink color. That alone makes it awesome.

500ml White Wine Vinegar
100gr. raspberries
couple of red peppercorns
or a piece of ginger
That’s it, piece of cake huh?

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