Thursday, September 15, 2011

Dryer Pumpkins

It’s finally getting cooler here and I can’t wait to decorate for fall. I love it  and today I made some of those really awesome Diamond in the Stuff  Dryer Vent Pumpkins.
They are so easy to make and they look awesome.  When I first saw these I thought wow what a cheap little DIY so I ran off to the hardware store and about had a heart attack when I saw how much the dang dryer tube costs.  But I had to buy them because I really wanted to make these. Well good thing my man checked ebay and found them pretty cheap so I took them back and got my money.
So 1 box of 15 meters (that’s alot of pumpkins), 1 can of orange spray paint and little stuff to glue on top and you have unique pumpkins.
 dryerpumpkin dryerpumpkin1


nicole said...

beautiful ... i like them and they will look pretty nice on my balkony :))) hahaha ;)

Babe said...


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