Thursday, September 1, 2011

Domestic Diva Apron

A few weeks ago I was Dog sitting for a friend and as a thank you she bought me an apron kit from Domestic Diva (Thanks Dani). I needed something to get me back into sewing because I have been very lazy and just not in the mood to do anything so this was the perfect project to get me back at the machine.
This apron is a no brainer all the pattern pieces are already drawn on the fabric with seam allowance so you don't have to do anything but cut it out and sew it.
I used this opportunity to tackle my serger problem but I knew that I wanted to serge the edges and seams so I lugged it upstairs and messed around with it till it did what I wanted it to do.

I love the fabric because it is covered in cupcakes which is one of my faves.

Seeing as I am getting bigger everyday and cooking is an absolute catastrophe with food all over my clothes I was glad to have a cute apron and I think that this will be big enough till the end.

I am all belly......thanks kid I owe you.

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Sandy said...

Cute! I love it -- and you look wonderful! Being pregnant agrees with you. :-)

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