Friday, September 30, 2011

Bunny Soup

Don't worry no Bunnies were hurt in the process.

I like soup any kind of soup if it's warm and I can dunk bread and butter in it I'm happy.
So today I made Bunny Soup aka ( carrot soup.)


500gr. Carrots cut in small pieces
1 onion chopped
2 tbsp Flour
1,2 liter Vegetable Broth
200ml Whipping Cream

Peel your carrots and cut them in small pieces, put about a tbsp of butter in your pot and add carrots and onion and let it sautee for a minute. Add you flour so it coats all of the vegetables.
Now add your broth and let it cook for about 20 minutes.
Use your hand held blender to get it nice and smooth, add your cream and let it simmer for another 10 minute. salt,pepper and done
If you have a problem with the soup getting thick you can add instant mashed potatoes and that will thicken it right up.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Raspberry Vinaigrette

Last year due to lack of funds last Christmas was a DIY Festival. Everybody liked their gifts or they lied to me which is a possibility but I had fun so this year I am doing it again.
I have more time seeing as I am at home now and I have been really thinking about this and scouring the internet for cool things to make myself.  This particular gift I found in a magazine called Laviva.

You start out with a bottle of white wine vinegar

This is the bottle that the vinegar came in but I will buy smaller bottles to put it in and decorate. Of course you have to sterilize the bottle first before pouring the vinegar in.
You need red peppercorn not flakes.

I used frozen raspberries because they are available all year round and I don’t have to wash them just drop them in the bottle.

Of course I didn’t use that many I put about 6-7 in the bottle but you can put in more just make sure you have the room.

Put it in a dark cool place for about a week and turn it over and swirl it carefully everyday.
Pour it through a very fine strainer to catch all the berries and pepper and pour it in your bottles. Put away in a cool dark place till you give them away.
It will have a awesome pink color. That alone makes it awesome.

500ml White Wine Vinegar
100gr. raspberries
couple of red peppercorns
or a piece of ginger
That’s it, piece of cake huh?

Monday, September 26, 2011

Take a Hike!!

For Christopher's 40th Birthday we went on a hike and it was different and fun. It started out chaotic because we were so many people and everybody came from a different direction and some got lost and some were late, you know typical.
We all had a blast and it is definitely something we will do again.
wandern33 wandern1 wandern2 wandern3 WANDERN4 wandern5 wandern6 wandern7 wandern9 wandern10 wandern11 wandern12 wandern13 wandern14 wandern15 wandern16 wandern17 wandern18 wandern19 wandern20 wandern21 wandern22 wandern23 wandern24 wandern25 wandern26 wandern27 wandern29 wandern30 wandern31 wandern32
This child had fun even if it looks like Dana went through the woods on her face.
So maybe this is a tradition that we will keep alive.

Star Wars again….

Today Christopher paid an insanely amount of money to take the big kid to another Star Wars outing that didn’t live up to our expectations. It was at the Museum in Speyer which is somewhere I have always wanted to go anyway but still that is no excuse for it being not worth the money.
It is filled to the rafters with anything motorized you can think of starting with submarines to the Kelly family boat.   starwars17
starwars19 starwars20 starwars21 starwars23 starwars24

The machines that were there were really neat and I love the way they placed everything in the museum it wasn’t just sitting there it was integrated into the scenery and there was background music playing the whole time.
The Boy’s were totally excited to see people dressed up in costume and be cool about it. I guess it’s ok to be nerdy and wear weapons and costumes when you are in your thirties as long as it is Star Wars and there are a ton of other people running around like that. You wouldn’t believe how many moms were dressed up as Princess Leah. I guess the Germans haven’t read postcards from the edge and don’t know how Carrie Fischer turned out.
starwars5 starwars6 starwars7
strwars8 starwars11 starwars13
The Boys had fun and at times it was sensory overload because there was so much to see that they had whiplash before they got home.