Monday, August 8, 2011

Tunisia can kiss my grits…

So we are finally home from the Honeymoon of Hell. I know that you are not supposed to complain and be ungrateful but dammit this is my Blog and I can do what I want.
I have never ever in my life been in a country that was that dirty,rude,disgusting,muggy,salty and just downright nasty.
Starting with the people that except for very few were rude and disrespectful. You would ask them something and they would look at you and then turn their head and walk away or talk to someone else.  And the fun part was we were there over Ramadan so they felt like they had a reason to be cranky and let it out on people that are allowed to eat and drink.  Well sorry I don’t deprive myself from sunrise to sundown that still doesn’t give you the right to be a total douche to me.  I met some really nice people while I was there but I will never ever……ever go to that country again.  And don’t even get me started on the plane ride home. It was a total disaster…..Christopher was so glad to be home that he kissed the damn ground in front of the Airport. Yuck!!!
Just to give you a small taste of what I mean let me tell you about Enya’s Birthday while we were down there.
On the first of August was her Birthday and it was also the beginning of Ramadan so I don’t know if that had anything to with it but we had ordered a cake for her to be delivered to our table. We spoke to the guys at the front desk and also the Head of the wait staff so we thought everything was covered. That night we sat at dinner and kept staring at the door to the waiting area thinking that her cake was going to come out any minute. Well guess what didn’t happen? We asked them about it 5 times till they admitted that they forgot and asked us to give them a half an hour and they would fix us one.
We finally had to tell her because she kept wanting to go upstairs and go to bed. We had to leave our table and make room for more guests to eat.
They brought the cake at  9:00pm.
I wanted to smack someone in the head……
But not be completely mean the Fam did have some fun also taking a boat trip to a little Island that was supposed to have Dolphins. Yeah right Dolphins my ass!!!

The lights are on but nobody was home. Watch out there is a naked ass crab running around.

Doesn’t Joshua look thrilled to be going on this trip?

inselausflug5 Inselausflug6
Joshua a.k.a Naruto
Inselausflug7 inselausflug8
inselausflug9 inselausflug11

See it wasn’t all bad……yeah right.

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