Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Is it a Blessing or a Curse?

I guess if you ask a Woman that can't get pregnant if Pregnancy is a curse or a Blessing you would probably get punched in the throat but if you are like me that has one problem after another it is a huge pain in the ass.
Don't get me wrong the Baby is nice and at least you get something at the end of this long agonizing time that has you feeling like crap 85% of the day.
There are actually people out there that find pregnant woman sexy. Well I think those people are kookoo for fricken cocoa puffs. There is nothing sexy about it and just so you know the woman doesn't feel sexy at all. She feels like the ugly stepsister so don't try to make her feel better.
I keep telling myself this baby better be damn good looking or I am not going to be happy and oh yeah it better have hair too.
Maybe once I start feeling better I will be more excited but don't hold your breath.

Now on to funner things.....I am buying fabric tomorrow to cover my couch cushions so that will be a project to complete this weekend and I also started my challenge of ridding my house of 40 bags of trash. I started this weekend but had to stop due to puking and headache. But I did put a good dent in it and I took pictures that will make any hoarder proud.
I will post them as soon as it looks good.
I have my amniocentesis on Monday so I don't know how I will be feeling after that but I will keep you posted.

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