Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Yesterday it rained.

Did you know that it is possible to be cold on the beach? It is warm out and the ocean is bathwater warm but if the sun is gone and the sky is cloudy you can  freeze your booty off. 

That is the kind of day that we had I guess it is fitting when you think about the rest of my family that wasn’t having a very hard day.If you guy’s read this especially Ryan S. just know that I was thinking about you all day.
Joshua got a sunburn the other day even though we kept putting sunscreen spf 30 on him so we have hiked it up to 50 now so he looks like a snowman on the beach but we don’t want know burnt crispy critter. He had to leave his shirt on yesterday and stay on the shade but he read his book and listened to his ipod.
  I think Enya has grown fins to tell you the truth. Her whole vacation has consisted of running in and out of the water and getting ice cream so she is happy.
Joshua is in the awkward stage where everything is lame and dumb and boring. He would like to run around like Enya but he thinks that is not cool enough so he lays around and makes fun of everybody.  I guess that is something that I have to deal with and wait till it is over with. Yay for puberty.

We have been hanging around the beach everyday and Christopher is getting bored so tomorrow we are going on a trip which is a surprise for Joshua. We found out that parts of Star Wars were filmed here in the Desert so that is where we are going. 
They have a whole tour where they will take us to a Salt Desert and and take us to the little houses that are built of sand. 
I think that it is where Anakin Skwalker lived with his mother as slaves but I won’t know for sure till I get there. We leave about 8am and get back around 4pm.
We are ready to see a little of this country that is outside of the Hotel area even though I understand we are only 70km from the Libyan Border but the nice Canadians that I met said we have nothing to worry about.

Talk to you tomorrow……After the Star Wars Extravaganza

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Anonymous said...

oh ja, ACTION in da house...da bin ich mal gespannt, was ihr uns morgen zeigt! und Joshua s pupertäre Phase geht bestimmt in ein paar Jahren vorbei...dann ist die nächste dran...lach...in diesem Sinne: Viel Spaß euch ihr Lieben!

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