Sunday, July 24, 2011

Vakay is OK

As everyone who follows my blog knows my life is pretty darn good and.... that I am a magnet for disaster. I wouldn’t say that it is bad things but something annoying or irritating usually happens. IMG_3718
So let me tell you about coming to Tunisia.
We left Home about 4:15pm for the Airport our flight was scheduled for 7:25 so we thought we had plenty of time to get everything situated and our magazines bought.  What we didn’t realize was that everyone and their brother were flying at the same time also. I guess the flights to Tunisia are not as often as flights to other vacation spots so they are always full.  The people come from everywhere ,Denmark, France, Germany, Belgium, Holland.   It was utter chaos because they seemed to all be traveling with little kids and boy do I love me some whiny tired weary kids.
By the time that we got to the front of the line the kids lady at the ticket counter told us that they would be boarding in ten minutes so we should please go to our gate. By this time the the kids and I our so thirsty that we are bitching at each other but I promised them that as soon as we were through security that I would get something to drink. Well guess what? We got through security and all there was was a duty free store with alcohol. So I told them to be patient we would be on the plane soon. And we were and we all got 1 cup of very refreshing sticky soft drink.  By the time we landed it was 11pm and we were parched to make a long story short we didn’t get a drink till we were in the hotel at 12:30am. What was really nice though was as soon as we got to the Hotel we were led like cattle into the Dining room and were fed and watered.
The next morning we got up and went down to breakfast a little heavy eyed thinking that it was 8:30 a perfectly normal time to have breakfast except it wasn’t it was 7:30 because there is a 1 hour time difference. But when you are hungry you are hungry besides we were really excited to go to the beach.
The kids went straight to the pool and Christopher and I  were off to look for beach towels that you can rent here. After we were told at the reception desk that we needed to make a deposit on each towel and that we couldn’t do that with credit card we decided to go to a teller and get money. Well that was in another Hotel down the beach about 600m so we set off on foot to go to the hotel. Did I mention that I am not taking the air and heat here to well?  Don’t know if it is being pregnant but it is kicking my ass. I can barely breathe here and I have a pounding headache.  Anywhoo we got to the hotel got the money and walked back. Just a tip if you ever come here try not to leave your hotel beach because outside it is pretty nasty. It seems that the people don’t really care about taking care of the beach. You find trash,diapers and shoes amongst the thousand other things that you find on the shore. And we saw a family camping in a big ole refugee tent.
Something else interesting and  I am ashamed to say I didn’t know is that Tunisia used to be French colony so imagine my surprise when I get here and am greeted by Bonjour Madame. I was a little embarrassed when Christopher addressed the guy at the customs desk as Francois I told him you don’t know that’s his name. Well I guess he had said Good evening in French which is Bon Soir  and I didn’t hear it, or understand it. Surprise…

Finally we had our towels and we were on the Beach and happy as a clam. Christopher slept all day and I laid in the shade and watched the kids that did not get out of the water except to eat ice cream and put on more lotion.
The all inclusive deal that we had booked included us to have a free Hammam which got me all excited because I really need that for my skin which is always a mess. In Turkey Hammam is a full body peeling that takes off all the dead skin and leaves only new skin and it is so soft. It is perfect when you are planning on getting a tan and I try to do that at the beginning and at the end of my vacation. So last night at six I had my appointment and went down to the wellness area and was sent to a room that had a lot of hot steam in it. I thought ok they are getting my pores open first. I am not supposed to do this while pregnant and with a headache and having trouble breathing it probably isn’t the smartest thing I have ever done but I went in anyway to wait for the person to come and lather me up. After a couple of minutes 4 other people joined me and I was surprised that they had booked that many people at once.  After 40 fricken minutes I thought I would go look for somebody and that is when I found out that in Tunisia Hammam is sitting in a steam room. I was so mad I wanted to hit something but I guess that is my fault the Belgium's that were in there with me knew what it was.
Then I found out that Enya’s Birthday falls on the first day of Rammadan which makes the local people here really cranky because they can’t eat or drink from sun up till sundown. We will be here another 4 days after it starts but Christopher says we won’t notice it . I’ll let you know if I do.
Well it is off to the Beach for us…….

Ps: Look it’s my favorite word.

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Sandy said...

Yes, that's the "favorite" word you taught your nephew when he was 5 years old! It's just the gift that keeps on giving! I love you, and try to have fun. Sandy

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