Thursday, July 21, 2011

Party like it's 1999....

Great Party, wonderful guests and thanks to The God of Parties decent weather. It didn't start raining till about 11pm so that was alright. We had to move several of the tables inside.
I kept the decorations pretty simple. I had wine glasses with gel pebbles and candles inside. The Tables had white tablecloths and yellow napkins. I draped Ivy on the tables and had candles and lemons laying on the table with bud vases of lilac lisianthus
It was simple but when your tables are slim and you have about 15 meters to decorate you have to keep it toned down and not go overboard.
Friends gave us a Box full of Sand and coins that we had to sift out that was a real pain and we were supposed to look surprised.
 It had chocolate coins in it too.
 No words....

We had to dance the first dance and of course it was nothing traditional and I had already lost my shoes. It was pretty late and my hair was a hawt mess but by then I didn't care anymore. 
After that everybody else that felt like it danced.

These are our model shots. Check out the goober in the back.

So that's about all there is. 
Thank you again to all of our guests that came and made our day awesome and gave us wonderful gifts.

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nicole said...

that was one of the very best wedding-partys i´ve ever been and you were just awesome .. thank you for that friendship :))))

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