Saturday, July 16, 2011

Getting Married

Getting Married is:

A lot of Work
Emotional for some more then others
Weird in some ways
But all in all worth it
I guess it is good when I throw that in......

When we decided to get married last year it was for no particular reason,not taxes or kids or anything practical.  It was just because it was time. After over 5 years I guess it is time to say **** or get off the pot. 
So we got off the Pot!!!
We really wanted to run off and get hitched but that was not in the cards for us because some people would have been very upset with us had we done that.

So we decided on something small that has exploded into a party for 120 peeps. Yup as always moderation is not a word I know.
We did not want to get married in a church because neither one of us is very religious and to tell you the truth I always thought that if I got married in a church I would probably burst into flames in there.
So instead we chose a little chapel in wine country that was built in the 1400's. 

Do you love it? I do......haha snort
It was small and intimate and just perfect.  The lady that officiated our wedding mentioned our Humor as being one thing she was sure we had enough of and that it was definitely something that would help us in our married life. I think we proved that when we high fived ourselves during the nuptials and then proceeded to laugh like hyenas.  
One of the things that we talked about when we were talking about marriage was my education. I wanted to be finished with school when we got married because I didn't want unfinished business. Christopher understood and respected that which then got the biggest laugh from us of all.  In Germany it used to be that while they read your address and full name during the ceremony they also read your learned trade. Well in Germany I was considered a worker because what I had done in the States was not considered a trade here but just an occupation so I told Christopher that when we got married I wanted my title. I got my final diploma one day before the wedding and that was awesome to finally have something at 35. 
Anywhoo to get back to my story I was ready to read our information during the wedding and not be ashamed to have no title when I found out that they don't do that anymore. 
I laughed so hard at that.....
After the ceremony we had sparkling wine and canape's  

Friends of the family made all the finger food and I guess it was amazing. I couldn't eat I was a little nervous. Really?
Do you know how when you are through with everything and you get in line to have everyone congratulate you?
Well I guess I missed that part. Christopher was standing at the altar hugging everybody and smiling and I was going down the aisle shaking hands like a politician. 
I don't know what I was thinking eventually I turned around and he was still standing there smiling and laughing.
I went and got a drink.
We had time till about three to socialize and talk to everybody and greet people that had driven to the wrong Wachenheim and showed up after everything was over.  That got a good laugh.

The Dinner afterwards was just for immediate family and Maid of Honor and Best Man but still we were twenty people.  My Maid of Honor was none other then Kira Shakira who was an angel that girl could run a country I kid you not she had everything taken care of in that Mary Poppins Bag she carted around all day. You needed it she had it. Christopher's best man was none other then the Famous Thommy Mardo if you haven't heard of him give it a while I am sure in a couple of years you will have. And then I can say I told you so. 
He did an awesome job and he can tell dirty jokes with the best of them. And I love me some foul humor. 
Our food was awesome and plentiful.
The funny thing was we had chosen this menu months ago but Christopher still couldn't help to constantly ask "Who ordered the cherries"? That was our stab at sophistication. We have cherries in the Gravy like royalty.
When the owner of the Restaurant asked us our menu choices he asked us if we wanted Dauphine Potatoes and we were impressed what I didn't realize is that they are fancy tater tots.
They were finger lickin good.
It was a four course and I don't want to make you hungry so here is the menu.
Oh yeah before I forget My in-laws decided to have us picked up in a Limo it was such a weird sight. It was like the Beverly Hillbillys. We live in a very nice part of town but not nice enough to have a white Limo parked in front of it. 
The best part was Rolfie he sat in there happy as a clam and giggling the whole way.
I guess the Limo company's idea of romantic music is Celine Dion crying through a whole CD. She seemed very moved. Christopher tried to shut her up and instead turned on a Rhianna demo and then Static on the radio.

Here are the infamous shoes that cost my sister and I a lot of headache.  My sister bought these for me and they took a looooong time getting here. But they are fabuloso and I love them.
Thanks Sandy!!!!

Close up of the wedding bouquet that had little raspberries in it.  Too cute.

Wedding Crasher !!
Thommy caught the perpetrator and escorted him out.  Besides what's the deal with the fur coat? dude it's like summer out there.

 Look at me I made a nice face and the goofballs couldn't help themselves.

Maid of Honor Kira Shakira
 Mine is the one with the Bling.

 I bought these sunglasses for 1 euro and they rocked my outfit.
 Joshua Jack of all trades.

Enya's Dress kept blowing up.
I wanted a nice picture of the Brothers and this is what I got. 

So today is the Party and I will post pictures of that and tell you all about it.
But for now I am outta here.
Frau Biereth says Adieu

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