Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Fashion Show

No more homework no more books no more teachers dirty looks.
Yesterday was the Fashion Show that we worked on for a whole week and let me tell you we needed everyday of the practice.
The day started at 8:30 am with dragging every stitch of clothing that we had made along with 10 pairs of shoes 6 pairs of pantyhose and 3 bags of accessories. And a whole lot of other stuff.  We had to come without makeup and with our hair washed the day before so we were looking pretty rough.

mode11 mode23 mode24
Backstage was crazy because we were so many people and everybody needed a spot to put their clothes and change so that took a while to get situated.
mode9 mode8
After we got everything out where it belonged it was time to go to hair and Make-up.
mode26 mode27 mode28 mode12 mode14
hair1 hair
And then it started…..
mode42 mode46
 mode17 mode1 mode3 mode4 mode15 City Safari

Rock & Roll

mode6 mode34

mode20 mode40 mode36 mode37 mode38 mode39
mode30 mode45 mode2 mode35 mode43 mode44
My heel got stuck in the train of my dress twice and I tripped which is always stupid but I didn’t fall.
IMG_1172  IMG_1120 IMG_1121 IMG_1154
We had a opera singer that was pretty good she sang Tonight from Westside story but I think that she should stick to Opera musicals are not her forte.
Enya got caught peeking through the curtain.mode41
This was my face by the second show I was so tired. The show didn’t end till11:30pm and we still had to clean up and pack all of our junk. I think that is why I look so mean.

But I was still ready to have a couple of drinks…..Afterwards we had a fun after show party with awesome drinks called Pink Mojhitos mmmmmhhhhh they were good.
mode32 mode18 mode19 mode25
mode50 mode7
My feet hurt soooo bad.
All in all a wonderful experience……..and I am so happy that it is over.


Your future hubby said...

I'm so unglaubly stolzy of you, honey! Good job!!!

Anonymous said...

yeah baby, wir haben es fast geschafft und du kannst m├Ąchtig stolz auf dich sein! GREAT

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