Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I am here!!!

I have finally arrived not only physically but also bodily....I had the worst Jet lag in the History of Jet lag. Yes I know once again I have proven just how conceited I can be.  But trust me when I tell you not sleeping for almost 3 days can really screw with you.
My travel was once again overshadowed with the usual Dramas and craziness that happens when I go and do something as mundane as traveling.
It started out with me being told by the customs official in Germany that I was an illegal alien in the country that I have been living in for the last 10 years...That was definitly a highlight.
Of course I had to have a crappy seat on the plane because that is just my luck. It was the middle seat in the middle row between a married couple.  They were very nice but I hate to ask someone to get up and let me out.  I watched 4 movies which made the time fly and I got caught up on all the movies that I have been wanting to watch. The Kings speech is all kinds of awesome.
About 9 hours in to the flight we had a medical emergency on the plane that kept 4 Doctors busy until we landed and kept the rest of the passengers in their seats until the paramedics got the poor guy off the plane so I was an hour late. Luckily my Family did not make me take the greyhound home which the let me know they had played with idea.  
The ride home was uneventful besides having to stop at every rest stop.
This visit is all about seeing the Family which has been fun already. Charlee and I had lunch at the Isle of Capri ( gambling boat) and then went to Walmart which is always fun ecpecially for the people that are with me and have to chase me down with the cart becuase I run from Aisle to aisle like a crazed woman.
I have to add the note that the craziness does run in the family after I spotted Vicki dumping a whole bag of  Sweetheart jelly beans all over the floor at Walmart.

See crazy relatives Vicki & Charlee

Now I have to tell you a litttle something about crab boil.

If you ever need to clear a room in minutes cook with this.
I guess you can do all kinds of things with this including clearing up your sinuses. I don't know what is in it but it felt like you dumped a whole pepper shaker in my nostrils after Vicki added this to the water.
Woohoo that is some strong stuff.
She added it to the boiling water that the Potatos were in and it make them very spicy....something that my whiny european stomach is not used to. I ate the potatos and the antacid that followed it.

That has been the visit so far and I am enjoying every minute of it especially getting up in the morning and the sun is already shining and the flowers already blooming.
Well tata for now and I will keep you posted about the trials and tribulations of the Kraut in LA.

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