Saturday, April 2, 2011

Feeling Guilty

So I decided to start writing a Blog so that I could document my crafts,baking and other stuff that some people care about. And I was really diligent last year about writing and finding stuff that was halfway interesting to post. But these last few months have been hard because I have been busy doing school stuff.
I know  excuses…excuses but then….
comes the guilt.
Like you don’t have enough crap to feel guilty about already.
I feel bad when I make something to eat that my kids don’t want and they complain about it.
I feel bad when I forget to sign letters for school, don’t have their favorite clothes washed, do something completely selfish like take a bath during the day and not wait till they are in bed, watch a show on tv and not let them watch with me because it is grey’s anatomy or something like it.
And now to top it all off I feel guilty about not writing something on my Blog everyday. Yeah thanks Universe I needed that. Just pack that in my guilt backpack that I carry around with me.
What do you do about guilt? Do you ignore it? Do you deal with it?

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