Monday, March 28, 2011

Wedding Location

After living in sin for 5 years we have decided to get hitched. We started out with wanting to elope which was nipped in the bud right away due to some family members. Then we decided just Justice of the Peace then dinner with the family and then take off. Now we are having a wedding in a chapel with Dinner for the family and a huge party two days later….so much for planning. Some things just get out of hand without you even noticing it.
We debated on where to have the party because we wanted something casual but unique that had enough room to host a party for about 100 people. We were offered to have our party at my Aunt In-law’s. It is beautiful there and has a very cool atmosphere but we will still have to decorate so that we can make it feel like a wedding party.
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I think that a 50’s theme would be perfect for this Party. We will see I will post my progress.

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