Friday, March 18, 2011

Elegant Kids

So yesterday was the last showing which was a blessing let me tell you. I was so stressed out. But all in all everything went well and my teachers liked my children’s outfit.
enya2enya4enya1 enya3  
The skirt has 6 layers of Tulle and twirls and swirls like a real princess dress.
The top layer is Dupioni silk in a cream color. Those were the colors that I had to work with. Pink and cream to match my dress. IMG_1778  I am thinking that I will be adding a little something to the dress to make it look a little less plain on stage, but I don’t know what yet. 
I made another Outfit in Black for the subject Avantgarde but the clothes  did not photograph well. I will try to get better pictures.

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