Monday, January 10, 2011

New Burda

Today the new Burda came to my Mailbox for the first time. Usually I have to run around in the magazine stores and try to get one before they are sold out. But not ever again. 
Now I can slobber all over it and mark the pages before it hits the stores. So that is what I was planning on doing except there wasn’t anything really to get excited about.

Most of the clothes look like Bags you pack old potatoes in. These girls are models and they still look like crap. Can you imagine what somebody with a normal body would look like? 
They have two categories in this months edition.  Either you look like you are getting ready to do housework in your shapeless robe /dress  or you want to look like a trollop. Take your pick I dare ya.

I did like safari stuff that they have but after I had to go through that in school with City Safari I am not in the mood to safari anything.

So I will have to carefully go through it and try to make something work from this edition because I did kind of decide that I was going to make something from every single Burda that came out this year. 

I know stupid right?
Take a look for yourself maybe it’s just me.

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