Saturday, January 8, 2011

Arranging Fresh- cut Flowers

In case you are wondering why I think I am the authority on arranging flowers I am here to tell you I used to be a Floral Designer in my past life. Well before I decided to switch to Fashion Design.
There are few tricks to remember when arranging fresh cut flowers.
Always make a grid with tape. That way everything you put in will stay right where you put it and won’t fall over and lay on top of each other.roses1 roses 
If you make a grid then you can arrange a vase full of lilies without greenery which is simple but elegant.
I used 20 roses for this vase and I have to say that I am really lucky because fresh flowers are very inexpensive here in Germany. But you can buy the packages at the gas station and arrange them in a nice vase and you can’t tell the difference.
Starting out right is the most important thing (duh) like you didn’t know that.
Making the grid with tape. Just regular scotch tape is perfect. Just criss cross it on your vase according to how big your vase is and how many flowers you are putting in. If you have flowers with thin stems then place your tape closer together.
Work from the inside to the outside. The first flower in the middle then to the left and the right of the middle flower. Then to the front and the back of the middle flower.
rose4After you have to first 5 flowers in the vase you start plugging your holes. If you put one in the front then you put one in the back. Just keep it even and it will always be round. You should place the vase on the floor and look at it from the top and you will be able to see where the holes are and if you are more heavy on one side. If you are using mixed flowers do it the same way just keep switching the different flowers so you don’t have all of one kind in the front. roses6
I like to arrange my flowers without greens because it looks more natural but make sure that the greens from your flowers are not in the water or it will turn green and start to smell after 2 days. 
Always change your water every 2 days. That means empty the water and put fresh in don’t put clean water in with the old. :-) You don’t have to take the flowers out.
So go forth and try it.

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