Thursday, December 30, 2010

Unknown Things about me...wether you care or not.

1,) I was born in Stockton California,but I left there after a couple of days so I have never really been there. I heard it is the hood.

2,) I have been married once which was on of the dumber things I have ever done. 

3,)When I was in second grade I swallowed a button and panicked. I told my teacher that  was going to die but I wouldn't tell her why. My mom told me it would come out the other end. 

4,)I have two brothers and one sister. And a crap load of step siblings but I love them just the same.

5,) I am afraid of Heights.

6,) I dream in color and I talk about them while I am having them.

7,) I never shut up.

8,) My first pet was a hamster named Hammy that electrocuted himself behind the fridge. 

9,) I know all the songs from Sound of Music.

10,) I hate any kind of bug and I don't care if it gives bad Karma to kill them. 

11,) I speak two languages fluently but butcher anything in French or Spanish.

12,) I read a lot and usually more then one book at a time. 

13,) I love to buy magazines and I don't throw them away because I might need them.

14,) I love to cook and bake and if it doesn't turn out then I throw it in the trash and start over.

15,) Plastic surgery is awesome

16,) I love the Harry Potter Movies and the Books. 

17,) I love to garden but I usually lose interest halfway through and then have to force myself to harvest. 

18,) I tried skiing but after I thought I have frostbite on my chin and tried to run up the hill on skis screaming my head off I quit. 

19,) I took steno in school. I hated it and don't remember anything from that class. 

20,)  As a kid I shoved a blue bead up my nose and left it there till I had blue snot and my mom noticed it.

21,) I was afraid to get my own Ice cream from the ice cream truck. I would pay other kids to get it for me.

22,) I didn't get my driver license till I was 19. I flunked twice.

23,) I have add.

24,) I have had braces twice.

25,) I can't tell the difference between left and right but I can read upside down really well.

26,) I was the biggest New Kids on the Block fan.

27,) I love music and making my own play lists for every occasion.

28,) I will marry Orlando Bloom someday. He just doesn't know it yet.

29,) I love the ocean.

30,) My Grandfather and his Brothers were famous soccer players.

31,) I don't cry in public no matter what.

32,) I can't stand pigeons. 

33,)  I love Christmas.

34,) Chocolate covered pretzels are yummy.

35,) Other people laughing makes me laugh.

36,) I am not very coordinated.

37,) I like scary movies but only watch them during the day.

38,) My biggest accomplishment are my kids. And the fact that they are good kids even though I don't know what the hell I am doing.

39,) I have had every hair color but Black.

39,) I didn't learn to swim till I was 11yrs old. 

40,) I refuse to ride rides. Been there done that.

41,) Someday I will drive a cream colored Bug convertible with black leather interior.

42,) The only alcohol I like is Tequila.

43,) I can walk really fast.

44,) I have fat upper arms.

45,) I love shoes and I think I have pretty feet.

46,) I adore glitter and I think it makes everything glamorous.

47,) One of my favorite things to do is take a Bath and read a book at the same time.

48,) My nickname as a kids was Dubie.

49,) I hate it when you call me Julie. That's not my name.

50,) I think gay cabaret is hysterical.  And I enjoy the heck out of it.

51,) Joshua is named after the U2 album Joshua Tree and not something Biblical.

52,) I can do the running man backwards.

53,) I think womans Boxing is more fun to watch. They are brutal.

54,) I love to Bowl.

55,) I love Haunted Houses.

56,) I've seen Metallica live and I was the only one there with short hair.

57,) I love old Musicals and the music from the 20's till the 50's.

58,) I can sing like Doris Day.

59,) I have seen all 7 seasons of Buffy the Vampire slayer over and over again.

60,)I love anything Vampire. TrueBlood, Twilight, Buffy, Angel, Van Helsing

61,) I love Ice Tea.

62,) I don't like to talk on the phone.

63,) I love surfing the web.

64,) I think you should always have fresh flowers in your home.

65,) I think Magicians are boring. 

66,) I have a good throwing arm.

67,) I hate to exercise.

68,) I am always right.

69,) I don't eat pizza crust or pie crust. 

70,) I always leave the last sip in my coffee cup.

71,) I love to talk smack when playing a game even if I am losing.

72,) I love candles that smell good and I always have some lit.

73,) My favorite Ice cream is Chocolate ripple.

74,) I am a crazy,rude driver that uses lot's of hand gestures to get my point across.

75,) I like to give gifts. 

76,) I take pictures of everything.

77,) I suck at taking tests and I always freak out.

78,) I wish I was taller. 

79,) I don't collect anything.

80,) I think warm milk is nasty.

81,) I have been robbed three times.

82,) I think cheaters never prosper.

83,) The Paranormal fascinates me.

84,) I think I am pretty good dancer. Of course only the bump and grind.

85,)I don't believe people that say they are happy with there body when they are fat. 

86,) I have never seen the Caribbean but that is my goal.

87,) I think people that dress up their dog have issues.

88,) I have fallen off a horse before.

89,) I can't listen to a song without singing along.

90,) I think Biography's are really interesting no matter who it is. 

91,) I think Dr, Kevorkian is a Hero.

92,) I am a total Gleek.

93,) I think I look better now then I did when I was in my twenties. 

94,) I am all for Gay and Lesbian rights. 

95,) I think flannel sheets are awesome.

96,) I think stand-up comedy has to be dirty for me to laugh out loud. 

97,) I think Tim Burton is morbid and wonderful. 

98,) I met the best man when I thought all men were a-holes. 

99,) I think the funniest thing is when people trip and fall.

100,) I am too American to be considered European and too European to be an American.  But I like the mash up. 

Wow that was weird.....

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