Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Jacket for Mom

So as I mentioned before this year was a Homemade Christmas for the most part. I decided to make a long Jacket for my mom because she likes to wear sweaters around the house and they had a neat pattern in the January Issue of Burda. I went to my favorite Fabric store where I always get lucky.(Hey get your mind out of the gutter)
I decided to make a size 44 and add a couple of cm to the back and the seam allowance and it was too big. It was cozy on her but the I should have cut back a couple of cm on the shoulder and the sleeves and it would have been perfect. I sewed Satin edging on the collar to give it a nice finished seam.
Here you can see that it is brown wool with different colored threads one of them is copper metallic.
She liked it.....of course she could have just said that because I am her kid and it's her job to like what I make. :-)

It had an attached cowl neck collar so it fell really nice but let me tell you this thing needed almost 3 meters of fabric. The front pattern is all one piece with the collar so it is huge.The back part is smaller and you could probably cut in on the fold of your fabric is wide enough. I didn't I made a seam in the back. It didn't take long to sew and I can see myself making it again in Jersey for myself.


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