Sunday, December 26, 2010

Homemade Christmas

So I am finally able to post some of the things that kept me away from Blogworld for a couple of days. Due to temporary poorness and the need to make something that for once would not be graded or picked apart I decided that sugar scrubs and Bath Bombs would be the perfect gift. So I went to town on the research and found thousands of websites that claimed to have the perfect recipe for sugars scrubs. I finally settled on Pure cane sugar scrubs.Of course I changed some things in the recipe because I can't leave well enough alone. 

I had bought some nice glasses at Ikea that were a good price and perfect for scrubs.  I started out with the Brown sugar scrub that smelled nasty due to the fact that I used Olive Oil and it was really strong and blocked out the smell of the Cinnamon,Ginger & Vanilla. The only way to fix it was to add neutral oil and about twice the amount of spices that it called for.  
But after that it was awesome......My hands smelled like Christmas Cookies. 
After that scrub turned out so well I decided to make several more with different smells and colors and they turned out wonderful as well......Of course that is the short version of the story.  The long version is that I went  to the mall to get more glasses and took a wrong turn in rush hour traffic and it took me 1 hour to get home that should have only taken 10minutes. But that is boring and has absolutely nothing to do with the scrubs. 

So if you want to make scrubs try it..... they make nice gifts.

They have all natural ingredients so you shouldn't have any skin problems but you shouldn't use it on your face seeing as sugar is too rough.  

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