Thursday, December 2, 2010

Christmas Parties

Yesterday was a Christmas Party at school that I of course had to attend. There were songs and poems and even the occasional musical attempt on Instruments from 2nd Graders.  I don't know how some parents can keep a straight face when some poor kid gets forced encouraged to pluck the strings of a too big guitar and try to play a Christmas song. I sat there the whole time and tried not to laugh and watched the parents record there kids while almost bursting with pride. And the only thing that I could of hopefully this kid will someday be famous so I can say I knew them when they couldn't play worth a damn.

Enya had fun though and she was really proud to show me her classroom and her friends at school. And I got to take a look stare at the other parents.
All in all it was fun and got me geared for the next one on Friday. The things you do as a mom.

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