Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve

Happy Christmaskah everybody!!!!

Let me tell you normally I am ripping my hair out about this time trying to get everything done but not this year no sir. I am relaxed and the best part of it all I am done with everything. Yesterday we decided to go to downtown Mannheim and go to Breakfast and do last minute shopping. And it was the Main Squeezes idea which came as a shock to me seeing as he breaks out in hives every time he has to step into a store.  I am not kidding. It's Sybil scary. 
Little E and I had some quality shopping time planned but she pooped out after the 6th store. I mean seriously how tired can her 7year old legs get?
But she was a real trooper. 

During Christmas time there are always little trucks along shopping mile that sells roasted Chestnuts and I love them so when little E asked for some I got 17 so we could share. They were hot so I jammed them in my pocket on top of my cell phone which I did not realize at the time. Well after I had peeled the damn nut with one hand seeing as my other hand was full of bags she told me she didn't like them. They are too sweet!!! What! So guess who ate the whole bag? 
To come back to the cell phone, while I was in the store my phone rang and my ring tone is Dexter and set to loud as hell because I can't hear worth a crap. So as I am digging through the nuts trying to get to my phone while holding 17,0000bags in the other people are staring at me like I am a serial killer. After I got it out of my pocket the person hung up. LMAO.....Yeah gotta love those moments. 

We met up with my In-Laws at the Christmas market and had a quick Gl├╝hwein. 

It was nice to have such a fun day when I am usually all crazy by now so we decided that we are going to make this a tradition. 
Last night we wrapped the presents and got everything in the car and watched TV.

This morning I got up and looked outside and it is snowing like crazy, so we are having a white Christmas for sure. YAY!!!

A couple of months ago we had our family picture taken to give away to family on Christmas. 
The Photographer is a good friend of the Main squeeze and he takes the most amazing pictures.
Family portraits is not really his favorite thing to do and he usually photographs the rich and famous but he always takes a day out around the end of the year and takes  portraits for his friends. We always tell him we want something fun and not stiff and posed. He always gets it just right. 
So if you are ever in need of awesome pictures check him out.


Have a Merry Christmas, Frohe Weihnachten.......


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