Thursday, December 16, 2010

Candy Cane Lolly Pops

Today was our Christmas party at school and we decided to have a Secret Santa but I still wanted to do  something extra for everybody plus I have been wanting to try these for months now. I found this really neat idea on skip to my lou's website.candy cane lollypops.\
They are really easy to make and are so dang cute I can hardly stand it.
Check it out.
First I unpacked them and placed them on the cookie sheet with enough room for the sticks. I got 6 on a sheet.

I put them in at 150C for abut 5 minutes. That was enough but check your oven and see how they are doing because each oven is different.
 I placed them as close together in the shape of a heart because once they start to melt it is easier if you don't have to push them together in the middle.
 I put the stick in the middle and pressed it together which is very easy but the candy canes do get hot so you will burn your fingertips with melted candy.
 Last step is to wrap them up pretty and give them away. They were a big hit with the girls.
 So there you go this was my quick Christmas craft for the week.

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