Sunday, November 28, 2010

Tree Trimming Tutorial

I thought I would share my tree trimming expertise with you so you can see how crazy I am and how long it takes me to decorate my fricken tree. I always love how it turns out but it takes me about 5 hours to do it and 700 lights. So to get me in the right mood my main squeeze made me Irish coffee and put some Christmas muzak on and I was ready to go.
 The Naked Tree
 The Branches are on.( duh)
 Add the Mylar foil in the middle of the tree covering up the wires and the branches that don't have a lot of green
 Cut the foil in strips and crinkle it so that it will lay better in the tree
 Add the lights of course working from the top on down. I use about 700 lights.
 After the lights and foil I start with the ornaments that are used as fillers. They are plastic because they do not break and I drop them a lot. The most important thing when trimming the tree is to use the filler ornaments on the outside and the inside. If you just hang them on the inside then you will have a dark tree no matter how many lights you put on. You have to stand back from your tree and look at it and see where your holes are.

 Add some Ornaments that are old and dear to you even if they don't match but you love them so they belong there.
 Now put everything else on it that you want. I stay with the same colors because if you don't it will look like a crazy mess and I like it to have a theme.
 The fat mermaid that makes me laugh every time I see it.
 Glitter Slippers I bought last year at Michaels.
 The one and only name ornament we have (thanks Oma Beloli)
The finished project. Lot's of work but very nice indeed. 
I also made a wreath for the door that is very kitschy but fabulous. 
Today was the first Advent so we lit the first candle on our advent arrangement.  


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