Friday, November 26, 2010

Rockin the Christmas Market

So just to let you know I am having a hell of a time getting into the Christmas spirit. But today after I helped my mom set up the her stand at the Christmas Market I am slowly but surely sort of trying to get into the Holly Jolly Season.

This morning was colder then a well diggers arse and on top of it all it started snowing so it made a very cold but cheerful start of the decorating process. I was late getting there so rolfie had to get the tent set up with mom and I guess it was a pain but he did a good job and it stood proudly in the row of other tents. 

We decided to put Velvet on the side walls to give it some color and to keep the cold out a little bit.

After we got the Fabric hung we started to get the Pine garlands hanging with the lights. We put some carpet down to keep the feet warm when you are standing around for hours selling the gems. We used red & champagne colored velvet for the tablecloths that looked awesome. 

The decorating took about 2 hours and I think it turned out perfect and a little kitschy which what I was aiming for, cue in the Christmas music on the ipod and we are ready to go.


I will let you know how it went.
Till then Ta Ta

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