Monday, November 8, 2010

Getting things moving

Today was a big day for me and now you have to guess why? 
Alright I will tell you. I took my first step towards starting my own business. No more working for other people. Then again I haven't worked in three years so I guess I can"t complain too much. 
Oh what the hell yes I can.....
I have homework to do now like make Business plan and figure out my costs and the things that I will need to start out. And the fun thing that I have to think about is what my name will be. I am a wedding planner and decorator for Store windows and private homes so it has to be something that you can kind of say in German and English. I have until the 30th to think about it. No Pressure!
Next subject!
I ordered my fabric for the 4th subject of the fashion show and it is Dupont Silk in rose and eggshell. I figured I can wear it as my wedding dress next year if it turns out really nice, my teacher told me today that if it is to be my wedding dress then I will have to sew my hair in the seam of the dress so I don't have bad luck. Seeing as I am losing my hair everywhere anyway I don't think that will be a problem. I look like I own a Golden retriever with all the hair I leave everywhere. If it helps I will make a sweater out of hair that should take care of everything.
I hate ordering all this fabric it is supposed to be nice stuff because I am going to wear these clothes at the Fashion show where hundreds of people will see me and I will have it to keep afterwards but it is killing me. If I don't find a money tree soon I will be up crap creek without a paddle. 
I applied for a Christmas job today so that I can make a little money. The same thing I did exactly 17 years ago. I was a Christmas wrapping girl at a Perfume and make up store. Now I will be the Christmas wrapping hag. 
Speaking of Christmas I started on my gifts yesterday. I will be making most of my gifts this year seeing as I can and I am broke. so yay for all you people on my list your stuff will be homemade. Bet you love hearing that little tidbit. 

Next subject! Can you tell I have ADD? I am all over the fricken place today.
I had to buy a new sewing book today. We have to sew most of our stuff at home  without any help and sometimes I just don't remember how to do certain things that I learned in my first semester. So today I found this book that explains everything with pictures. Now I even know what a Hong Kong finish is. Looks like a lot of work and seeing as I have a serger it won't be anything that I will be doing in the future.
So this was just to keep you informed of what is going on.

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