Monday, November 22, 2010

First Showing

Today was the first showing of our models for the fashion show and it was nerve wracking. We had to stand in front of 3 teachers and show them what we had done. We were graded on how we had turned the drawing into real life clothes. We had drawn it a couple of months ago and almost everybody changed something along the way because it is hard to draw something without knowing if you will even be able to get that fabric or if it will even look good on you. We were graded on how it fit and how our pattern and sewing is.  I was really nervous because I didn't know how strict they were going to be. It didn't help that the Big Kahuna of the school didn't show up because she was sick but it sure made it more relaxed because as I have heard she is really nasty when she doesn't like something. I have seen her scream at somebody and run to every classroom and show the other students what this guy did. She can be really mean.
So the morning started out that most people came in after sewing for three days straight some with little to no sleep. We were supposed to show City Safari and Secret Agent but we ended up only showing City Safari because Kahuna was sick.  

Getting ready....
We were about 25 people getting ready so that rack got a lot fuller.
We had to have our hair done and all the accessories had to match and better yet be made to match your outfit. I got up extra early wash and blow-dry my hair so it would look good.
After we all got ready we took pictures.  As you can see we all had different ideas how to interpret City Safari, it was supposed to be a casual look in browns and greens that is ok for the office and to go out at night,hence Kira's shoes that are awesome and mine. (Gladiator)
Kira as always helped me so much I wouldn't have been able to finish so this is a shout out to Kira.
I was in the third group to go in and it went really well I was so glad.
My outfit consisted out of a Skirt with ruffles at the bottom and a jacket with short sleeves and a shirt that was cinched in the waist with a belt.
My teachers liked it the only thing that they said that I should do is add a little chain to the front of my jacket so that it stays more fitted so I will do that.


After we were done we went and had breakfast with Mimosas to treat ourselves after a job well done.
And here to end this wonderful journey into the fashion madness for today here is a little collage of working like dogs in a sweatshop.


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