Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Wanna buy a Brooch?

Today we had a fun day making brooches for school. Well some of us made them for school and some of us....that would be me made them just for fun. I tried to make the brooch that I saw on the Internet. http://news.holidash.com/2010/04/23/mothers-day-corsage/ but I have to admit that they don't quite look like that but I still like them. We had a blast making them which you can see in the pictures. We started with a leisurely breakfast....

And then we got busy. I wanted to make a practice brooch before I used my one piece of black felt which is what I really wanted. So we cut out the pieces and started gluing them and let me tell you I still have hairy fingernails.
I kept the green one and I will probably make something cute for Enya with it.
It wasn't a hard project but it was very time consuming.

 Somebody's having fun.

Mary's Brooch looked like a mouse in the beginning and she really took her time making it but it was a labor of love by the time it was done it turned out really cute and she will be wearing it at our Fashion Show 2011 so it has to be perfect.

Our Table was a hawt mess as you can see. 

I made a red one for Christmas and a black one for my wool coat that I wear in the weather or for my vest that is really boring looking.
Here is the finished product. I will take a picture when I have it on my coat.

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