Monday, October 4, 2010

New Flo!

Yesterday I got a new wood floor by our very crafty neighbor Vhebi. I love the way it turned out and we are hoping that it will be warmer come winter when it is colder then a witches tit in a brass bra in there.
It gets really cold on the enclosed porch in the winter and we usually sit there with the oven on and the space heater. But it is still so damn cold it isn't even fun. So we got a wood burning stove and Christopher got that installed. Which I have to tell you the funny story that goes with that. 
He was trying to get the two pipes to go together and he was all proud that he did all by his lonesome...till he realized that he got his t-shirt stuck in the pipe. I laughed my ass off as usual when he does stuff like that. He is so smart but when it comes to everyday stuff like walking up the stairs you would think he is attempting brain surgery. 

I think he has his man boob stuck here already. 
He got it out and then he laughed at himself thank goodness because it sure would suck if I was the only one laughing.

But as usual he got it all figured out and now it works like a charm except that it sucks in the air from the chimney and blows it in the basement. But that is a job for the Chimney Sweep that still comes door to door dressed in black here in Germany.

It looks cozy....

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