Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Halloween Groove

A I posted a couple days ago I am hosting a Halloween party for the first time ever...I always have parties but usually they are Christmas or Birthday extravaganza's so this is a first for me and I am loving it. I am making my kids help me with everything so the can't say I never do anything fun.  (Hey mom remember that guilt trip?) 
So yesterday we started the Pumpkin Carving Adventure.
The party isn't till Sunday so the Pumpkins have to hold till then so I sprayed them with Aussie Hairspray like a crazy woman. It should hold good enough till then seeing as they are outside and I scraped them really good.
We bought 3 pumpkins so that each kid and me could have one to make what ever they wanted. I should have remembered that I would end up starting and finishing Enya's Pumpkin because she picked a template that had little spider legs that you would carefully have to saw out. (That is not going to happen with a 7yr old.) So I was carving, scraping and picking seeds and gunk off my shirt for almost 2 hours last night.
But the reward is so wonderful not only do I have awesome looking pumpkins I also have something that I can scream at the kids the next time they tell me that they are bored and I need to do something fun with them.
 Yeah Good times!
And here are the fruits of our Labor....

Oh yeah if you see Joshua tell him what a great job he did on his pumpkin. He carved it from start to finish by his self. He accidentally poked his eyes out so now it is a blind bat but other then that he did and awesome job. 

And now here is mine......if you know me you are not surprised that this is what I chose.

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