Thursday, October 14, 2010

Drama is the word.

After I told my sister that Joshua had scarlet fever she dubbed Germany medevil. Well sister let me tell you that after exstensive research in my medical books Internet I have found out that there is no vaccine for scarlet fever because it is easily treated with antibiotics. So your children can get it too. But if we have a case of the pest you can go back to thinking that we are peasants. lol
But just to update you he is doing good and back to his old normal, annoying, bored self.

We have gotten our new subject for our fashion show 2011 and the name is Drama!!!
It is evening wear that has the colors Black & Red and it has to be floor length. How's that for creativity? You don't get to do whatever you want....oh no they even tell you what material to use and what silhouette it has to have. Project Runway it is not. 
The only cool thing about this is that it is supposed to be inspired by Twilight. And I love me some Sparkley Man. 
I have already decided to have it short in the front and long in the back because I don't want to look like a cake topper. 
As soon as I sketch it I will post it till then you get to see the mess I am making.

Oh yeah I forgot I made my MIL a wreath for her door because she kept threatening me she that she was going to steal mine.

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