Monday, October 11, 2010

Busy Busy...

As always I have been busy. What else is new?
But this time I was getting ready for the Kids to go on a week long trip to Austria with my Parents. Well Friday the oldest got sick with what I thought was a cold. So I made tea, gave him Tylenol cold medicine and made him stay in bed. when Joshua gets sick it is always pretty bad because he gets more than one thing at once. ( Pleurisy & Stomachflu)  Yeah great mixture I know. 
Joshua is almost as tall as I am so I can't carry him anymore so when he gets sick we either have the Dr. come here or my main squeeze has to take him. So that is what we did last night when we pulled up his shirt and saw that his whole upper body front and back is full of some kind of rash. The emergency Dr. wasn't sure if it is measles so I have to go back today and get the for sure. 
This morning at 7am when my mom came to get the Kids we had to tell her that it is a no go with Joshua. So she left with Enya for a week long vacation. Josh was very upset but we promised that we would make it up to him.
So instead of having a week long hiatus from the kids and taking care of school and projects I now have a red cross flag hanging out my door and I am taking care of a rash and a fever.  YAY for Momhood!!!  :-)
Update: Joshua does not have the measles.....he has scarlet fever and none of us in the family have ever had it so crap!

But I did manage to do some fun stuff before the brown stuff hit the fan. 
Enya and I made Cinnabons. I love cinnabons but we can't really get them here unless you make them yourself so that is what we did. I checked the internet and found a recipe for them and changed it a little so there wasn't as much sugar in them because we don't eat things that sweet here in Krautland. They turned out really good and now I see myself getting fat. Surprise!!! they have like 8000 calories in one. 
Some things are just worth it dang it.....

Yesterday was the Holland Stoffmarkt and I went. It was as always an overload for me because there is so much to choose from. I did buy some material that I need for my second outfit for the fashion show. I am going to look like a dominatrix but hey I didn't pick the subject so I guess I will have to make it work. 

Yesterday the shops were open in Mannheim and there were also a several weddings at the church downtown and I couldn't figure out why you would get married on that day. It was 10.10.2010. That's why so many people were getting married. 
Hey to each it's own.
You wanna get married downtown on a Sunday when all the stores are open and there are a ton of people staring at you and your balloons that you let fly in front of the church get stuck in the scaffolding that is going up the front? my guest. You won't forget this day no matter what date it has.

Ok the mean lady has to go take care of sick child.

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