Thursday, October 21, 2010

20,000 Projects

This is what pattern making turns me into.........weird looking
I have been working on school stuff of course but I also tried to make something for myself the other day and trust me it was not pretty. It was a vest out of the awesome red fabric that I bought the other week at the Stoff Market. I look like I drive the garbage truck when I wear it so I am making a kids jacket out of it.
I made a corsage dress today and it fits so I am using it for the next 3 outfits that I am making. The Haltertop dress and I have to make a dress that is 50's inspired so I will use this dress for that also. I am making it as easy for myself as I can. I only have two days to construct the pattern and two days to sew the complete outfit so I am not getting all fancy. The nice fabric will have to be enough and I am making accessories to go with everything.
In other news I had a Dye mishap this week. Enya had (yes I said had) silver metallic Winter jacket that always looked like hell because kids get dirty and don't care about there stuff. I would wash it and it would look nice till she got home from school. So I decided as savvy as I am that I would dye it black and it would not look as bad plus she likes the color black so it was a win, win situation. Not! It didn't work.

I call the color melon poop. But Enya likes it so she will wear it with pride and I will mark this off as experience. 

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