Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I Love Ikea!!!

I went to Ikea this morning with my neighbor for no good reason.  She wanted towels. Didn't go too well as you can see for yourself below. I didn't need anything but I always buy candles there and I looooveee their hot dogs. They are my favorite Hot dogs in Germany. 
Didn't plan on buying anything. (Yeah like that is gonna happen)
I bought a couple of things but I didn't buy much. 
I swear....
Buying towels did not go as expected. It makes me crazy when I go to a store with an idea and then they don't have it.  

Scary ain't it? 

Pretty Towels in Girly colors....Go Pink!!! And look she is smiling again.

Check out the Loot!!! And do pay extra attention to my oh so trendy black toiletbrushes....
If I tilt my head back far enough I won't have a double chin.... Give's the word Turtle neck a whole new meaning.
Check out the size of this place...Oh yeah and take a gander at the pretty sweater that Mrs. Rodgers is wearing on the right.

The main reason that we went.....

Somebody's excited...

                                                                            Not me I'm just a pig...oink

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