Sunday, September 26, 2010

Finally Fall!!! Or Rainy Weather

Fall has begun... In the states that was my favorite time of the year but here in Germany it just means the raining season has started that will eventually switch to sleet. 
But I am not complaining yes I am.   We still get nice days and I still love decorating for Fall and lighting all my candles at night. I love to drink Tea so that is a positive side to it being cold and damp. See I'm trying. 
Anyhoo I started with planting something that will last the winter and not need a ton of water.  Unfortunately I don't remember what they are called in English so if you recognize them let me know what they are called. 

 I have my candles all ready to light tonight. 
Oh yeah I bought this spray that is supposed to go on the wooden pieces on the wreath, well I guess it was concentrate because my door smells like a huge Christmas cookie x 1000. I don't think I will spray that on again because it is really strong. 

The Germans do not decorate at all so I am really a Pioneer in our Neighborhood, and we don't have porches so I am really lucky to have a stoop. 
When I decorate for Christmas they stop and stare at my House like I am from another Planet.  But I know that secretly they love it. At least that is what I tell myself. 

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