Thursday, September 9, 2010

Belated Birthday Present from Bestie....

The 5th Semster is quickly approaching and my friend Kira thought it would be appropriate to give me a Survival Basket to get me through it. 
All the other horrorr stories that other Students have told us it's about to get ugly up in here.
I kind of figured it would get crazy going by the faces of the other 5th semster they are either crying or pissed. 
Oh Goodie!!!
That is just the thing for me seeing as I deal with stress so well.....(constipation, acne, eating till I want to throw up.....) 
So to make sure that I can cope look what my Bestie brought me.
Everything in this basket was sewn into a little pouch that I had to open with a seam ripper.
Right?? Like I don't have enough practice doing that crap.


After I was done with that and saw what I got I couldn't stop laughing, that girl is crazy.
One of the things in this gift was a calender where I have to put a picture of her and I every month.
A calender where she put in all her appointments so that I know when she has time for me. She is so busy all the time that it actually helps even though knowing me I will ask her anyway.

Chocolate, Hand cream, Pantyhose, Chemical chalk, Bandages,Yo-yo,
Shaving shower-gel, Cookies, Thread, Deoderant, Alcohol, Emergency sewing kit, Candy, Foot cream, Gum, Anti-Age mask (nice one), Chapstick

So if this doesn't get me through then I don't know what will.
What am I talking about?? I have a Chapstick what could go wrong?

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