Monday, September 27, 2010

Avalon Jacket

Today was overcast, Surprise....  So what better to do then sew? Or clean? I ordered fleece a couple of weeks ago and at first I thought I would mix it with purple because I didn't want it to get too wild but after I cut out the pieces I liked it wild.  This jacket is really cute and easy to make, I made the version with no lining but you can use this pattern to make a reversible jacket.  The next time I make it I will make the sleeves  and the Jacket a little longer seeing as my kid has a freakishly long upper body so I should have known that beforehand. :-) 
The dog on the back is from a Burda Pattern from 11/2009.
The pattern calls for Buttons but I like zippers better so that is what I put in instead.
 I love this pattern and will make another Jacket soon but I might add a hood on it and line it. 

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That sure is a pretty model you have there!!!

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