Monday, September 27, 2010

Avalon Jacket

Today was overcast, Surprise....  So what better to do then sew? Or clean? I ordered fleece a couple of weeks ago and at first I thought I would mix it with purple because I didn't want it to get too wild but after I cut out the pieces I liked it wild.  This jacket is really cute and easy to make, I made the version with no lining but you can use this pattern to make a reversible jacket.  The next time I make it I will make the sleeves  and the Jacket a little longer seeing as my kid has a freakishly long upper body so I should have known that beforehand. :-) 
The dog on the back is from a Burda Pattern from 11/2009.
The pattern calls for Buttons but I like zippers better so that is what I put in instead.
 I love this pattern and will make another Jacket soon but I might add a hood on it and line it. 

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Finally Fall!!! Or Rainy Weather

Fall has begun... In the states that was my favorite time of the year but here in Germany it just means the raining season has started that will eventually switch to sleet. 
But I am not complaining yes I am.   We still get nice days and I still love decorating for Fall and lighting all my candles at night. I love to drink Tea so that is a positive side to it being cold and damp. See I'm trying. 
Anyhoo I started with planting something that will last the winter and not need a ton of water.  Unfortunately I don't remember what they are called in English so if you recognize them let me know what they are called. 

 I have my candles all ready to light tonight. 
Oh yeah I bought this spray that is supposed to go on the wooden pieces on the wreath, well I guess it was concentrate because my door smells like a huge Christmas cookie x 1000. I don't think I will spray that on again because it is really strong. 

The Germans do not decorate at all so I am really a Pioneer in our Neighborhood, and we don't have porches so I am really lucky to have a stoop. 
When I decorate for Christmas they stop and stare at my House like I am from another Planet.  But I know that secretly they love it. At least that is what I tell myself. 

Little Girl Dirndl

 This Month is the biggest Volksfest in Europe and one of the biggest in the world. The Oktoberfest is a Huge Festival that is every year. 
There is a dress code that you should stick too since it is a traditional Volksfest in Bavaria and even the Rich and not so famous wear the Look. 
The Men wear Lederhosen and the Gals wear Dirndl.
I promised to make this dress a while back but only worked on it in spurts.  
I bought some trim the other day when I was in Heidelberg and found this really nice Fabric Store that has been there for years. 
It could have spent hours in there and lots of money.

It has little puffy sleeves which is perfect for little girls.  

Friday, September 24, 2010

Getting stuff Done

Next Thursday I go back to school and I have to now get everything done that I didn't do during break.
That's OK I love pressure. I always need that kick in the ass and somebody breathing down my neck in this case that would be the deadline breathing...
Our current assignment is Secret Agent.  (That's original ain't it)
Leather, Latex and stretchy materials in the style of Emma Peel very tight body hugging outfits that leave nothing to the imagination.  
I have tried the last 4 Semesters to get better in drawing but I am not that good. 
I try but I am glad that I will not be working in design. 

The Pens I used are Copic's in the color Black ( duh) White chalk and White Polychromos which is a wooden pencil.  
                   I had to make a collage for the Collection so I did that with Photoscape and Picnik. which are so much more fun than Photoshop ( hate it)


Now feast your eyes on this medocrity.
I know you will say that it looks good and that you like it. That's ok your allowed to like it.
I still have sewing to do and I need to make a new pattern for a Bustier and a Blouse for school.
I am not looking forward to it because it is so tedious.
But it has to be done.
Do not Procrastinate darn it. 
Tata for now.....

Thursday, September 23, 2010

39 and Awesome!!!!

Some words of wisdom for your birthday, "Smile while you still have teeth!"

The Birthday Party Marathon has officially ended....
Every year it is really really really exhausting to go through September seeing as we have three Birthdays in that month. 
That means 3 Party's. 
Every time it is over we are all really glad even though Birthday's are special it is always a bit much.
If I see another piece of cake I will explode.  But everybody deserves a special day on their day and
 we can't forget that Birthday's are most of all about the love..... ( cue the crying)
( end crying)

Friday, September 17, 2010

Christopher's Parachute Jump!!!

Christmas 2009 I thought it would be a great idea to give Christopher something that he has always wanted to do but never bought for himself. A Jump!!!
Today he finally decided to do it.
He said it was a complete rush and he would definitely do it again so I guess my gift was a success. 
There is no way in Hell I would ever ever ever do it I can't even look down from the 3rd floor. So kudos to anyone that has the balls to jump out of an airplane.....Even if you are strapped to somebody else and look like a complete ass with that helmet.
What is it for anyway? Like it's going to help you if you crash?
Or maybe it's in case you fly into a bird it will save you from brain damage. 
For all I know it is there to make you look completely stupid well guess what? It works.  But the overall looks off the hook.  Nice Booty.
We talked about what it was going to be like. He had two worries about this whole adventure.
1.) He would faint and completely miss the whole jump.
2.) He would look like Jim Carrey in the Mask ( Rubber face.)

Lucky for him he flew through a humongous cloud so you couldn't tell. 
He landed in one piece even if he was deaf for a while.
All in all I would say he had a blast.                                                                                                         

I don't know if he is thanking him for still being alive or telling him that he will be back. 

Fallschirmsportzentrum Südpfalz e.V made this awesome video of Christopher's Jump is the place to go!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

City Safari Part 1

So today I got some work done on my Jacket for the first subject for the Fashion Show. 
We have the subject of City Safari, Greens and Browns mixed with Gold and Bronze. 
We had to mix Rugged with Glam so my Skirt will be in Forrest Green Satin with Gold Buttons. 
The coat is in some weird fabric don't know for sure what it is. 
It has a lot of stretch to it though which I don't know if I like and it wrinkles like crazy. 
My Teacher chose it for us because we have to match in certain groups. Boring!!! But I guess it will all make sense when I am on stage stumbling around in the Spotlight.
I still have to sew the buttons on, finish the seam and put in the Shoulder pads ( I have too) 

I only pinned the Buttons on here to see what it will look like.

                                                                                 Here is what the Buttons look like.

The back of the Jacket has a Belt or Sash attached to it. I made it out a piece of Beaded ribbon. 
It was a pain to sew it on but it looks superfine. (pat myself on the back)

This is before the Buttons. Obviously....

Hanging out with the Bestie.....
Kira Shakira made a Trench coat that was in the last Burda of course she tweaked it a lot but I like the way it turned out.
Trench coats never go out of Style but watch for them next season in the Spring they will be everywhere.
On Friday I will finish the Jacket and start and hopefully finish my Skirt. 
School starts back up the 29th and I am almost done.

Yipeee!!! It's Sarah's Birthday!!!!

We hope you are having a really fun day with lots of cupcakes, presents & more presents because we all know it's all about the gifts am I right?
Yeah you know it.....
You are six years old now that is pretty special you know only 10 more years and you will be driving.
That isn't that far away.
Make sure that you get your favorite dinner tonight that was always my favorite part. I loved tacos. 
Joshua, Enya and your Auntie Julia made a video for you to sing Happy Birthday. I hope you like it.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Flea Market Fun

Mannheim is known for its Flea market and yesterday was the 40th Anniversary. Of course I didn't know that when I got there.
I have been there before and I arrived at 6:30 am and that was plenty of time to get my car on the lot to unload. Not this time Oh nooo!!!
I got there and there were about 500 people there first.
So it took some maneuvering on my part but I got the car there.
We unloaded everything and got our table set up and got ready to sell some old crap and make some money.
My Neighbor Ardita was with me thank goodness seeing as I can sell anything but I cannot haggle. She can and let me tell you she haggled the hell out of some people. 

Seeing as it was the anniversary there was a band that was so crappy that we were willing to pay them just so they would shut the hell up. 
We got really lucky with the weather, a little too lucky if you ask me I was sooo burnt by the time we got ready to go at 3:30. I even burned my ears. 
We had a pretty good spot right behind the beer tent.....
I had to drive but Ardita didn't and four Beers later she was singing even more and selling stuff like there was no tomorrow.
    It got Stupid!!!!

 All in all we had a good day with lots of laughs and a decent amount of money was made.
We ate, drank and paid the lot rent and still left with 105 Euros.

I think that maybe I will do it again we met a lot of nice people and made a little money, so it was a good time.


Thursday, September 9, 2010

Belated Birthday Present from Bestie....

The 5th Semster is quickly approaching and my friend Kira thought it would be appropriate to give me a Survival Basket to get me through it. 
All the other horrorr stories that other Students have told us it's about to get ugly up in here.
I kind of figured it would get crazy going by the faces of the other 5th semster they are either crying or pissed. 
Oh Goodie!!!
That is just the thing for me seeing as I deal with stress so well.....(constipation, acne, eating till I want to throw up.....) 
So to make sure that I can cope look what my Bestie brought me.
Everything in this basket was sewn into a little pouch that I had to open with a seam ripper.
Right?? Like I don't have enough practice doing that crap.


After I was done with that and saw what I got I couldn't stop laughing, that girl is crazy.
One of the things in this gift was a calender where I have to put a picture of her and I every month.
A calender where she put in all her appointments so that I know when she has time for me. She is so busy all the time that it actually helps even though knowing me I will ask her anyway.

Chocolate, Hand cream, Pantyhose, Chemical chalk, Bandages,Yo-yo,
Shaving shower-gel, Cookies, Thread, Deoderant, Alcohol, Emergency sewing kit, Candy, Foot cream, Gum, Anti-Age mask (nice one), Chapstick

So if this doesn't get me through then I don't know what will.
What am I talking about?? I have a Chapstick what could go wrong?